3 solid foundations for the world of digital currency – Cryptocurrency

Welcome to the world of “crypto”!

– A domain of blockchain technology

– A cryptocurrency market

– Bitcoin payment system cabinet.

So here’s what you might call the trend or the “world of digital currency” with a great move to get up in the game.

If you avoid Bitcoin and cryptocurrency today, you will fall into a bad trench tomorrow. In fact, it is the present and future of a currency that cannot be interrupted. Since its inception until today, it has been growing and helping many people around the world.

Blockchain is a way to register transactions or manage the entire Bitcoin payment system or define the rules and policies of the Erc20 token portfolio – everything goes hand in hand and goes to the new world currency.

It sounds great, doesn’t it?

Also, with the advent of successful currency mode, many companies love to be a part of this game. In fact, it is to provide support to companies or organizations through the development of Blockchain technology or cryptocurrency through a reliable company to develop Blockchain without any problems. With a wealth of knowledge and potential, these companies are developing this currency and playing a vital role in the digital economy.

For a nanosecond, if we assume that cryptocurrency will no longer exist, then what will happen?

Maybe time will counter your thinking!

Launched by Satoshi Nakamoto for the first time, Bitcoin was a colonizer and from that beginning, an innovative digital currency evolved with the spectrum of good things.

So the question arises: will cryptocurrency development or its cryptocurrency development company disappear or stay until the end?

Actually, we can’t predict the future, but we could say that the cryptocurrency company or Erc20 or Blockchain or Bitcoin Wallet Development Company will be there with the same enthusiasm and passion to lend a hand to vertical businesses and organizations.

John Donahoe, former CEO of eBay, said: “Digital currency is going to be a very powerful thing.”

And, it’s being very accurate as time goes on.

In fact, there are some valuable reasons behind the success of this concept.

Evidence of fraud:

With cryptocurrency, it is associated with blockchain. So every transaction is recorded in this public record, preventing fraud. And, all identities are encrypted to overcome identity theft.

Erc20 respects all rules and protocols so it does not violate rules and regulations. If you are there, don’t forget to contact the Erc20 development company so that it is within the rules.

You are the sole owner:

There is no third party, no other assistant, no electronic system to evaluate what you are doing. Maintaining the end experience for you and your customers. Isn’t that a great concept?

In addition, the settlement is immediate and is between you and your dealer without further interruption. In the end, it’s your call.

It can be easily approached:

The internet has made everything available and accessible. It plays a vital role in the digital currency market or the exchange market. You will have a better chance of exchanging money instead of using the traditional ways and the time they need. And, a wonderful way to get involved as a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

If you are a business owner and plan to welcome cryptocurrencies in your area, always move forward with a shot of determination. Approach a trusted vendor or discuss the development of cryptocurrency exchange with all cards open and then hit the ball on the court.

A brief history of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the world’s leading cryptocurrency. It is a peer-to-peer currency and transaction system based on a decentralized public ledger called blockchain that records all transactions.

Now bitcoin was envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, but it was the product of many decades of research into cryptography and blockchain and not just the work of a boy. It was a utopian dream of cryptographers and free trade advocates to have a decentralized currency without limits based on the blockchain. Their dream is a reality with the growing popularity of bitcoin and other altcoin around the world.

Now cryptocurrency was first spread over the blockchain based on consensus in 2009 and traded for the first time in the same year. In July 2010, the price of bitcoin was 8 cents and the number of miners and nodes was relatively lower right now compared to the number of tens of thousands.

Within a year, the new alternative currency had risen to $ 1 and was becoming an interesting option for the future. Mining was pretty easy and people made good money by doing trades and in some cases even paying with it.

Six months later, the currency doubled again to $ 2. Although the price of Bitcoin is not stable at a certain price point, it has been showing this pattern of crazy growth for a long time. In July 2011, at one point, the coin went crazy and reached a price point of $ 31, but the market soon realized that it was overvalued compared to its profits on the ground and headed for $ 2.

It was a good rise in December 2012 to $ 13, but soon the price would explode. Within four months of April 2013, the price had risen to a staggering $ 266. He later directed himself to go back to $ 100, but this astronomical rise in price made him famous for the first time and people started discussing a real-world scenario with Bitcoin.

It was at that time that I met the new currency. I had my doubts but as I read more, it became increasingly clear that the currency was the future because it didn’t have to be manipulated or imposed by anyone. Everything had to be done in full agreement and that was what made him so strong and free.

So 2013 was a year of money advancement. Large companies began to publicly accept the acceptance of bitcoin and it became a popular topic for blockchain computer programs. Many people then thought that bitcoin had fulfilled its purpose and would now be consolidated.

But, the currency became even more popular, bitcoin ATMs were set up around the world and other competitors began to flex their muscles at different angles of the market. Ethereum developed the first programmable blockchain and started as Litecoin and Ripple as a cheaper and faster alternative to bitcoin.

The $ 1,000 magic figure was first breached in January 2017 and has increased fourfold since then through September. It’s really a remarkable achievement for a coin that cost just 8 cents in just seven years.

Bitcoin survived a hard fork on August 1, 2017, and has risen nearly 70% since then, while the bitcoin fork has also achieved some success. All this is due to the attractiveness of the coin behind it and the star blockchain technology.

Although traditional economists say that the bubble is a bubble and that the whole world of cryptography would fall apart, this is not the case. There is no such bubble, as can be seen, precisely because it has eaten the shares of fiat currency and money transaction corporations.

The future is very bright for bitcoin and it is never too late to invest, both in the short and long term.

The future of digital currency

Currency refers to electronic currencies stored electronically in banks, and form one of three forms of electronic money. Although paper money is still used worldwide, up to 80% of the world’s currency is deposited electronically through banks. Since childhood, it has gone from being an alternative to doing business to being a primary form of e-commerce, and it seems to continue to grow.


The first digital currency originated during the first Internet bubble in the early 2000s. It was called E-Gold and was founded in 1996 by Gold & Sliver Reserve Inc., allowing users to electronically transfer small amounts of gold values ​​electronically. In the spring of 2000, it became the first electronic currency to offer a service in exchange for other currencies.

Launched two years before PayPal, it had more than a million accounts by 2004. Another service launched in 2006, Liberty Reserve, allowed its customers to convert Liberty Reserve money into euros or dollars, and then return it again. Unfortunately, the U.S. government was using criminals to use these websites and shut them both down.

The difference between virtual, digital and crypto currencies

While more and more banks are enabling the growth of electronic banking, Virtual Currencies function as independent money, and its value is created by the original sponsor. However, the world’s most famous virtual currency, Bitcoin, does not fit into this specification, encompassing three aspects of electronic currencies.

It is different from this digital currency as money backed by an asset that is worth the real world equivalent of its value. Since most of the world’s money is stored in banking computers, it can be said that most of the world’s money is digital.

Cryptocurrencies refer to electronic forms of encrypted transitions. Using blockchains to store data, they are effectively linked and act as a workbook that users can use to keep data tracking consistent. Due to the diversity of ways it affects its price, it often changes its value. Although cryptocurrencies have a degree of anonymity, some still need to disclose the identity of their users by law.

The Future of Transactions

As the main form of storage of electronic records that more banks are turning to Digital Currencies, and the emergence of growing virtual and cryptocurrencies, it can be said that the future of global transactions will be done electronically. Maybe in a hundred years, paper money could be almost a thing of the past.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency – Understanding the Basics

It’s been more than a decade since cryptocurrency began to fascinate people through social media and especially the internet. Bitcoin has now been able to rank among the major cryptocurrencies, no one knows the exact origin of the currency, but it appeared in mid-2008 associated with a pseudo-Japanese name “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

So what exactly is this Bitcoin Currency and why has it had its place in the financial markets. Well, these listed reasons can give you an idea of ​​his popularity and a proof of his secure future existence.

  • Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency.

  • Bitcoin is an independent free mobile currency that is not owned by any government, nor is it linked to another currency, so that economic indicators that drive the value of traditional currencies have an impact on value.

  • As the popularity among the masses grows, it has a higher level of acceptability at all levels; for example, you can buy Bitcoin directly with cryptocurrency and also exchange it on different platforms such as CoinBase, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Kraken and so on. .

  • All you need is just a wallet and an internet connection to make a comparable Bitcoin transfer.

  • In most cases the transfers are immediate.

  • With the convenience of making transactions on the internet or on your mobile phone with a couple of clicks.

  • Your privacy is secure compared to other forms of payment on the Internet, where your key information may be leaked and misused.

  • While you transfer money through traditional methods, you must pay fees based on the volume of transactions and in addition, these transfers are subject to particular regulations in your region and state. Trading in cryptocurrency does not require you to comply with state regulations and you also do not have to pay high fees for transactions.

  • Since you are the only one with access to your wallet, your coins are always safe with you and no one can steal your money from you. The process and transactions are transparent because of the shared public ledger and anyone can verify a transaction at any time from anywhere in the world using the Internet.

  • Another advantage of having a Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet is that your account cannot be frozen.

Given that Bitcoin is an increasingly popular and acceptable cryptocurrency, we can safely assume that the future of Bitcoin is not secure enough to be clear and that this innovative payment method remains.

Risks of Bitcoin

The risks of Bitcoin that investors need to know

A risk — the volatility of Bitcoin

Everyone knows how volatile bitcoin is and those who invest in it will see a significant change in the value of this cryptocurrency. Unless you face the ups and downs of Bitcoin, investing in bitcoin is not for you. There is little profit if losing your capital will cause you to lose sleep. I can’t stress enough the importance of using your discretionary spending money to play in the cryptocurrency market.

What is discretionary spending?

It’s money spent on travel, food, entertainment, hobbies and sports.

You should never spend money on rent or money left on retirement for entertainment, such as spending a day at races, so you shouldn’t use that money to play in the cryptocurrency market either.

Risk bi-hacking

A company called “Cryptopia,” which was an online bitcoin trading platform, had funds invested in Bitcoin. They were hacked and everyone who had bitcoin invested with cryptocurrency lost money. There were some sad stories about the large amount of money some lost. individuals.

It should be repeated that you should never play cryptocurrency with funds you can’t lose or put too many eggs in a basket as many of these investors seem to have done.

Another thing I need to add is that the actual amount of money lost by crypto investors is likely to be tremendously inflated as a result of the rise in the price of bitcoin. If someone had invested $ 1,000 in bitcoin and this would have risen to $ 10,000 in a few years, they would have lost a lot. This person will be recorded as losing 10k, in fact, when 1k is lost.

Risk three-lost passwords

An Australian man stays out of his bitcoin wallet because he can’t remember his password. A website that has its own bitcoin will block it out of its wallet forever if it fails ten login attempts. He has done eight. He has more than 300k in his bitcoin wallet.

The lesson here is to type in your password and store it in a safe place.

The other recommendation is to diversify your wallet so that if something goes terribly wrong you don’t lose too much in one fell swoop.

Risk four-Government controls

Governments have the ability to ban trade in cryptocurrencies; That’s what China has done. Several Chinese agencies have joined forces to ban cryptocurrency activity that they describe as “illegal”. This does not mean that other countries will follow suit, but it does show a point where governments have the power to do so.

Risk Five-Tax

There are two sure things in life, death and taxes. Be sure that at some point the taxpayer will want a piece of your bitcoin cake. Whether it’s in the form of a Capital Gains Tax or an increase in the value of bitcoin. It should be remembered that if you are taxing your bitcoin’s capital gains, you may be liable to return taxes on capital losses. A good accountant will advise you here.

Whatever capital gains you are investing in, it should be noted that there is also a loss of capital when there is a chance of capital gains. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, so it can’t be stressed enough that there must be money you can afford to lose the money you invest in bitcoin.

Boost your retirement by investing in Cryptocurrencies

All over the world, human life expectancy has grown by leaps and bounds. Compared to the 1950s, it has increased by 50% and compared to the 1980s, it has increased by 30%. Gone are the days when corporate-sponsored pension plans alone were enough to make the golden age go smoothly and worry-free.

Nowadays, with the rise of other expenses like housing, education, health and so on, it is becoming more and more difficult for many people to save for retirement.

Unfortunately, the bitter truth is that people of all generations are not saving enough for retirement. Saving is one of the few epic crises in the world.

“Retirement is complicated. It’s never too early or too late to start preparing for your retirement.”

Thus, people are looking for alternative options that offer higher returns in the shorter term. Traditionally, real estate, private capital, and venture capital were wanted. Now, a new and additional investment to make money and make money has been introduced with photography: enter cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Investments – For those who don’t want to put all their eggs in one basket

One of the biggest advantages of investing in cryptocurrency is that it decouples your portfolio from reserve currency. Say, if you live in the UK, you will have shares of UK-based companies in your retirement portfolio if you are in the stock. What would happen to your wallet if the British pound fell? And given the current volatile political scenario around the world, nothing is certain.

Therefore, cryptocurrency investments make the most sense. With digital currency investments, you are creating a digital currency basket that works as an effective hedge or as a safe bet against the weakness of the reserve currency.

The average investor should only allocate a small portion of their retirement assets to cryptography because of its volatility. But instability can cut two sides: think of the health stocks of the 1950s and the technology stocks of the 1990s. It was the smart early investors who made it big.

Don’t leave it behind or miss it. Enter cryptography into your assets to really start building a diversified portfolio.

Cracking the Wall – Build Your Trusted Cryptocurrencies

One of the biggest and most important hurdles most crypto investors face for the first time is that they can’t trust digital currencies. Many, especially people who are not technology experts or are close to retirement do not perceive what a promotion is. Unfortunately, they do not own and value cryptocurrencies.

The reality is this – Cryptocurrencies are one of the most reliable assets, backed by the latest technology. Thanks to blockchain technology that promotes digital currency, it is possible to trade immediately and indelibly without third-party verification. It is a peer-to-peer system that is fully open and runs on advanced cryptographic principles.

Retirement Planning Funds should work to demystify Cryptocurrencies

To build trust and gain people’s support, retirement planning funds need to educate investors about the endless capabilities of cryptocurrencies. To do this, they need reliable risk analysis, advanced analytics that help provide risk / return measurements and projections.

In addition, investment firms can set up specialized cryptocurrency advisory services to support and guide new investors. In the coming years, it is expected that a number of intelligent advisors based on AI will appear; these will help calculate the appropriate investments based on the individual’s time horizon, risk tolerance, and other factors.

Human counselors can work with these intelligent advisors and provide clients with personalized consultation and other suggestions when needed.

The need for more visibility and comprehensive control

Retirement investors who want to add cryptocurrencies to their asset portfolio need more control and visibility as they experiment with this new asset. Find platforms that allow you to combine all your assets in one place. An integrated solution that allows you to manage and balance all your assets, including traditional stocks such as bonds and stocks, with new asset classes, such as cryptocurrencies.

Having such a broad platform that supports all your assets gives you a complete portfolio analysis that will help you make better and more informed decisions. This way, you can save on your goals faster to achieve your ultimate goal.

Look for investment planning portals, both scheduled and unscheduled, that also offer additional features such as periodic contributions to the cryptocurrency.

Advances in cryptocurrency investment support technologies

Investing in cryptocurrency will become commonplace only when support technology allows investors to trade currencies perfectly, as well as for new investors who are unfamiliar with the knowledge. It should be possible to exchange one digital coin for another, or even for fiat currency and other non-tokenized assets. When this is possible, the intermediary will remove them from the equation, resulting in additional costs and fees.

With the maturity of technologies that support cryptocurrency investments and trading, the value of digital currencies will increase even more as the currency prevails with wider accessibility. This means that first-time users will make a big profit. As more and more retirement investment platforms integrate cryptocurrencies, the value of digital currencies will increase, offering great profits to first-time users like you.

If you’re wondering if retirement investment platforms will need a few years to see the light of day, then you’re wrong. Auctus is a portal like this that is currently in the Alpha launch phase. It is the first retirement wallet platform that includes digital currency. Auctus users can get investment advice from both human and AI-driven analytics tools.

For now, users can save for retirement using Bitcoins, Ethereum and many other digital currencies. In addition, users can use the Automated Rebalance feature, which allows them to automatically adjust their portfolio using a set of pre-set rules.

This holistic approach ensures that users can achieve their retirement goals earlier by making the right investment options or decisions.

Recent Thoughts – Cryptocurrencies should not be left out of your wallet

Yes, it is true that cryptocurrencies are very volatile. In fact, there are speculations on the Internet that “cryptocurrencies are just a quick get rick scheme” and it is likely that the bubble will burst sometime in the near future.

Uncertainty does not mean that cryptocurrencies should not be part of your retirement portfolio, even with short investment periods. On the other hand, the current decline in cryptocurrency prices in 2018 means that you have a rare chance of generating profits.

Greater confidence, holistic and directly controllable investment management capabilities, and advances in support technologies ensure that digital currencies are a great investment opportunity to fit into your retirement portfolio.

What is Ripple and why has its value increased so rapidly?

With an increase in value of 35,000% in 2017 and a market capitalization of more than $ 118 billion, Ripple has become a hotly debated topic among analysts and investors. But, what is Ripple? Is it like other cryptocurrencies? Why has it been on fire lately? Keep reading to get the answers to these questions.

1. What is Ripple?

Ripple is a payment solutions company founded by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb. Their Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP) contains XRP cryptocurrency. Ripple says it provides faster, more reliable and cheaper transaction solutions for financial institutions. The company has generated one hundred billion XRPs and now owns 61% of the coins. The current plan is to release a billion coins every month.

2. Differences between Ripple and Bitcoin

Both Bitcoin and Ripple are blockchain currencies that use blockchain technology. But, there’s a key difference between the two: Unlike Bitcoin, Ripple can’t be mined. Currency is not configured as a mining currency, and its use is consolidated in the Ripple network.

Both Bitcoin and Ripple use validation nodes to validate books. Bitcoin has about 10,000 trusted nodes, and Ripple has only five. However, the company expects to add 11 more in the next 18 months. The five validation nodes are controlled by Ripple. XRP has received criticism for not having a reliable validator independently. XRP Ledger is available for everyone, so anyone can download and validate it. Many companies run their nodes on the Ripple network.

3. Reasons for Ripple’s recent price hike

The recent rise in XRP prices has a lot to do with the expected use of currency financial institutions and the investment of reputable investors. Ripple has been successful in earning the bank as a customer for its remaining products. Financial institutions have preferred Ripple’s xCurrent because it provides real-time communication and quick fixes, thus reducing delays in banking transactions. The company wants to introduce a new product, xRapid, including XRP. The new product is seen by banks as an option to use XRP. Investors see the potential of the currency as a financial means used by banks around the world.

Ripple, or more specifically, XRP, is a rising cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is different from the main digital currency because its supply is controlled by the founding company. Ripple is talking about banks that will take over in the future. It can be speculated that the recent rise in the value of Ripple will encourage further discussion about its viability as an active cryptocurrency.

5 Tips to Consider Before Investing in Bitcoin

In 2017, Bitcoin had a lot of growth and people made a lot of money in the process. Even today, Bitcoin is one of the most lucrative markets. If you’re a beginner, you might want to do your homework before putting money into Bitcoin. Below are expert tips to help you avoid some common mistakes while exchanging Bitcoins.

1. Learn the basics first

First, you want to learn the basics so you can have a better idea of ​​buying and selling Bitcoin. Also, you want to read the reviews of popular Bitcoin exchanges to find the best platform.

As with other types of financial investment, you may want to find ways to protect your investment. Make sure your assets are safe from scammers and cyber attacks. After all, security is the most important aspect of any type of investment.

2. Consider Market Cap

It is not a good idea to make this type of decision based solely on the price of the coin. However, the value of the cryptocurrency is only valid if you consider the supply in circulation.

If you want to buy Bitcoin, don’t focus too much on the value of the currency. Instead, you may want to consider aggregate market cap.

3. Invest in Bitcion’s Bitcoins Mining instead

The popularity of the Bitcoin mining industry is growing at a rapid pace. In the beginning, it was not so difficult to earn Bitcoins by breaking cryptographic puzzles. Later, it was possible to mine Bitcoin only in special data centers.

These centers are full of machines designed for Bitcoin mining. If you want to build a home-based mining center today, you may have to spend millions. So it is better to invest in Bitcoins.

4. Diversify your investments

New Bitcoin investors tend to have a brief passion for cryptocurrencies. In fact, with Bitcoin, you can diversify your investment risk. If you invest wisely in cryptocurrencies, you can enjoy the same rewards that you get from investing in Forex. All you have to do is complete a solid risk management strategy.

In other words, you may not want to put all your eggs in one basket. So you may want to invest in other cryptocurrencies as well.

5. Set Clear Goals

As Bitcoin is a new market, it may be difficult for you to know the right time to exchange your Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin is variable, which means you need to have clear goals in terms of profits and losses.

You may not want to make mistakes in making investment decisions based on your emotions. Making smart moves will help you minimize losses and make good progress.

In summary, if you are investing in Bitcoin, we recommend that you follow the tips provided in this article. This will help you make wise decisions and at the same time be safe. Make sure you avoid common mistakes when running this business.

Has cryptocurrency become the dream investment of all Indians?

Wealthy rewards often carry great risks, and the same goes for the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. The uncertainty of 2020 increased the interest of the masses and large institutional investors worldwide in the cryptocurrency trade, in an asset class of the new era. A growing ban on digitalization, flexible regulatory frameworks and a ban by the Supreme Court on dealing with banks dealing with crypto-based companies has parked investments of more than 10 million Indians in the past year. Several major cryptocurrency exchanges around the world are actively exploring the Indian crypto market amid a sharp drop in prices that has been showing a steady rise in daily trading volume over the past year as many investors looked to buy value. As the madness of cryptocurrency continues, many new cryptocurrency exchanges have sprung up in the country that allow it to be bought, sold and traded, offering functionality through user-friendly applications. WazirX, India’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform, doubled its users from one million to two million between January and March 2021.

What drives the world’s largest crypto exchanges to the Indian market?

In 2019, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, Binance acquired India’s trading platform, WazirX. Coin DCX secured investment in Seychelles-based BitMEX and the San Francisco-based giant Coinbase. Indian crypto and blockchain companies attracted an investment of $ 99.7 million as of June 15, 2021, up from about $ 95.4 million in 2020. Over the past five years, global investment in the Indian crypto market has increased. 1487% tremendous.

While India’s policy is not clear, global investors are making big bets on a number of factors in the country’s digital coin ecosystem, such as.

• Indian population of technology experts

The main population of 1,390 million is young (average age between 28 and 29) and they are technological. The older generations still prefer to invest in gold, real estate, patents or stocks, while the new ones are taking high-risk cryptocurrency exchanges because they are more adaptable to them. India ranks 11th in Chainalysis’s list of 2020 reports to take cryptography worldwide, which shows the excitement about cryptography among the Indian population. The government’s disrespectful attitude towards cryptography or rumors surrounding cryptography also fail to shake the confidence of the young population in the digital coin market.

India offers the cheapest internet in the world, where a gigabyte of mobile data costs about $ 0.26 and the global average is $ 8.53. So nearly half a trillion users are taking advantage of affordable Internet access, which increases India’s potential to become one of the largest cryptographic economies in the world. According to SimilarWeb, the country is the second largest source of web traffic for the peer-to-peer bitcoin trading platform, Paxful. While the mainstream economy is still struggling with the “pandemic effect,” cryptocurrency is gaining strength in the country as it offers a new and faster way for young generations to make money.

It is safe to say that cryptocurrency can become a millennial Indian currency that is all gold for parents!

• Rise of Fintech Start up

The madness of cryptocurrency created multiple trading platforms such as WazirX, CoinSwitch, CoinDCX, ZebPay, Unocoin and many more. These cryptocurrency exchange platforms are highly secure, available on multiple platforms, and allow for instant transactions, providing a pleasant interface for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to buy, sell, or sell digital assets without restriction. Many of these platforms support INR to be as low as 0.1% on purchase and trading commissions, so simple, fast and secure platforms are gaining opportunities for first-time investors and local traders alike.

WazirX is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, with more than 900,000 users, and offers customers comparable transaction capabilities. CoinSwitch Kuber offers the best cryptocurrency exchange platform for Indians and is ideal for both beginners and everyday. Unocoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India, attracting one million traders through mobile applications. CoinDCX offers users more than 100 cryptocurrencies as an opportunity to trade, as well as providing investors with insurance to cover losses in the event of a security breach. So global investors are looking at India’s many cryptocurrency exchange platforms to take advantage of the emerging market.

• Mixed government response

A bill on a ban on virtual currency that would criminalize anyone who owns, issues, mines, trades and transfers cryptocurrencies could become law. However, Finance and Corporation Minister Nirmala Sitharaman eased investors ’concerns by saying that the government has no plans to ban the use of cryptocurrency altogether. In a statement to the leading English newspaper Deccan Herald, the finance minister said: “For our part, we are very clear that we are not closing all options. We will allow certain windows to allow people to experiment in blockchain, bitcoins or cryptocurrency.” It is clear that the government is considering the risks to national security posed by cryptocurrencies before deciding to impose a full ban.

In March 2020, the Supreme Court overturned a decision by the central bank to ban financial institutions from trading in cryptocurrencies, which prompted investors to accumulate in the cryptocurrency market. Despite a persistent fear of a ban, transaction volumes continued to grow, with user registration and revenue from local cryptocurrencies becoming 30 times higher than a year ago. One of the oldest exchanges in India, Unocoin added 20,000 users in January and February 2021. The total volume of Zebpay per day in February 2021 was equivalent to the volume generated throughout the month of February 2020. The minister said in an interview with CNBC-TV18: “I can only give you this clue that we are not closing our minds. We are exploring ways in which the digital world and cryptocurrency experiments can happen.”

Instead of sitting on the sidelines, investors and stakeholders want to get the most out of the proliferation of the digital currency ecosystem until the government imposes a ban on “private” cryptocurrency and announces a sovereign digital currency.

Is India moving towards financial inclusion with Cryptocurrency?

Once considered a “boys’ club ”, due to the predominant commitment of the male population in the cryptocurrency market, the ever-increasing number of women investors and traders has led to greater gender neutrality in the new and digital form of investment methods. Earlier, women used to hold on to traditional investments, but now they are taking risks and entering the cryptographic space of India. After the Supreme Court clarified the legality of “virtual currency”, India’s cryptocurrency platform, CoinSwitch had an exponential growth of 1000% of its female users. Although women investors still make up a small percentage of the crypto community, they are facing stiff competition in the Indian market. Women tend to save much more than men and more savings means more diversity in investments, such as high-yielding assets such as cryptocurrencies. In addition, women are more analytical and better at assessing risks before making the right investment options, so they are more successful investors.

Increasing the main adoption of institutional cryptocurrency

The uncertainty and panic created by SARS-Covid 19 led to a liquidity crisis before the onset of the economic crisis. Many investors turned to cash to protect their finances, which led to falling prices for bitcoin and altcoin. But even though cryptography suffered a major crash, it managed to become the best asset class of 2020. With the greater weakness of the system and the loss of confidence in the policies of the central bank and the current design of money, people. they have increased the hunger for digital currencies which has led to the bounce of cryptocurrencies. Due to the excellent performance of cryptocurrencies in the midst of the financial crisis, the upward trend has strengthened interest in the Asian and the rest of the world’s virtual currency market.

In addition to fueling society’s demand for convenient and reliable transaction solutions, digital payment gateways like PayPal have also shown support for cryptocurrencies that consumers can hold, buy or sell with virtual assets. Recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a $ 1.5 billion investment in the cryptocurrency market, announcing that the electric company would accept bitcoin from buyers, which raised the price of international bitcoin from $ 40,000 to $ 48,000 within two years. days. Two of the largest payment platforms in the world, Visa and Mastercard, are also being supported by cryptocurrencies as a medium for transactions. Although Visa has made an announcement to allow transactions with stable coins in the Ethereum blockchain, Mastercard will begin transactions with crypto in 2021.

What is the future for the Indian Cryptocurrency market?

India’s cryptocurrency market is not immune from horrific cryptocurrency accidents. Despite huge investment from global counterparts, local investors are keeping their distance from crypto investments due to the uncertainty about the legality of India’s digital currency ecosystem and the high volatility of the market. Although the cryptocurrency market has been growing since last year, Indians have less than 1% of the world’s bitcoin, which creates a strategic disadvantage for the Indian economy. The Indian government intends to appoint a new table to study the possibility of regulating the country’s digital currencies as well as to focus on blockchain technology and propose technological improvements.

The ability of blockchain technology to provide a secure and unchanging infrastructure has been realized by various industries to achieve transparency in transactions. For a country with more than 15 million crypto users, the commission’s new recommendations could be of great value in determining the future of India’s cryptocurrency. However, stakeholders believe that technical and economic power will make India a key player in the crypto and blockchain market. Gradually, cryptocurrency is gaining acceptance, which could lead to greater adoption of digital currency.

According to another TechSci Research Report “Indian Cryptocurrency Market By Offer (Hardware and Software), by Process (Mining and Transaction), by Type (Bitcoin, Etgereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dashcoin, Litecoin, Others), by End User (Banks, Real Estate, Stock Exchange and Virtual Currency), Regions, Forecasts and Options, 2026 “, India’s cryptocurrency is projected to grow at a large CAGR due to the growing demand for transparency and reduced transaction costs. -they are feeding the currency market.

Crypto Currencies Volatility, a profitable Rollercoaster

This year, we can see cryptocurrencies moving up and down 15% of their value every day. Such price changes are known as volatility. But what if … if this is completely normal and sudden changes are one of the characteristics of cryptocurrencies that allow you to make good profits?

First of all, cryptocurrencies were recently spread, so all the news and rumors about them are “hot”. We see large price movements after every statement about the regulation or prohibition of the cryptocurrency market by government officials.

Second, the nature of cryptocurrencies is similar to that of a “value store” (as was the case in the past with gold) – many investors view stock-backed investment opportunities as physical assets such as gold and (traditional) fiat currencies. The rate of transfer also affects the volatility of cryptocurrency. With the fastest, the transfer also takes a couple of seconds (up to a minute), which makes it a great asset for short-term trading, unless there is a good trend for other types of assets today.

What everyone should keep in mind – this speed as well as the lifespan trends of cryptocurrencies. Although trends in ordinary markets can last for months or years, here it happens in even days or even hours.

This brings us to the next point: even though we are talking about a market worth hundreds of millions of dollars, it is still a very small amount compared to the daily trading volume, compared to traditional currency markets or stocks. So a single investor who makes 100 million transactions on the stock market will not cause a big price change, but this scale of the cryptocurrency market is a significant and significant transaction.

Because cryptocurrencies are digital assets, they are subject to technical and software updates of cryptocurrency functions or the expansion of blockchain collaboration, which makes it more attractive to potential investors (SegWit activation essentially doubled the value of Bitcoin).

Combined with these items are the reasons we are seeing big price changes in cryptocurrencies for a couple of hours, days, weeks and so on.

But answering the first paragraph question – one of the classic rules of trading is to buy cheaply, to sell expensively – so having short but strong trends on a daily basis (rather than weaker ways that last for weeks or months) gives you many more options. if used properly to achieve a decent profit.